The Salish Sea Press exists to encourage us all to live into what we call, The Holy Experience. Recognizing the beauty, truth, and goodness of God all around us, telling the evident story that this God loves each one of us, and what this story can mean to every human being, is what we strive to do with everything we offer.


The Salish Sea Press began when two prolific writers, Leonard Sweet and Lisa Samson, decided to venture out on their own. They believe Jesus is inviting them, as he invites us all, to share in his mission of “God so loves the world” and is always doing so in fresh ways, sometimes unforeseen, sometimes downright weird, and you can quote us on that. Len invited Lisa to Orcas Island, Washington, to live in a fairyland known as The Salish, and begin this venture. She did, and here we are, walking in faith, recognizing signs, living into the greater story we are all sharing together, and making things up as we go.